We are different from your traditional HR Consulting business for the following reasons:

  • We are affordable – we run a low cost and low overhead business so we can keep our hourly rate and fees down to a reasonable rate;
  • If we can’t do a job or part of a job for you we will tell you up-front and point you in the right direction – we won’t take your money if we can’t do the job for you
  • Service beyond the norm – your business is our business and it means a lot to us – you are not just a ‘number’ to us – we value your business
  • We are reliable – we do what we say
  • We are experts in our field – we have worked in senior ‘in-house’ HR/ER/IR roles for over 25 years, we love what we do and we are good at *
  • We don’t believe in HR for HR’s sake – HR has a purpose and that is to assist the business – we won’t sell you a fad that doesn’t work for you or your business – we are into real, commercially focussed, practical HR and business outcomes.

* Fletch Consulting is not a legal firm and therefore unable to provide legal advice